Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) in North Sydney and Central Coast

TADs eliminate the need for bulky, often embarrassing orthodontic headgear. Discreet implants that resemble earrings in the gum line can help correct your bite issues.

What are TADs?

TADs, also known as Temporary Anchor Devices or mini dental implants, are removable titanium alloy implants anchored into the bone. TADs are typically used to close gaps between teeth after an extraction, help coax a tooth into a more upright position, correct an open bite, pull teeth forward, and correct molar distalization, just to name a few of their uses. As the name implies, these implants are removed once the treatment is complete.

How do TADs work?

You dentist will assess what corrective work needs to be undertaken, and as a result place the TAD in a position where it will be most effective. As teeth can be influenced to move, where bone will not, the TAD is inserted through the gum tissue, into the bone, to create an “anchor” which helps guide the tooth into the desired position.

Once the desired result has been achieved, the TAD is then removed to reveal your new and improved smile.

What are the benefits of TADs?

Due to the moveable and removable nature of this device, the TAD can be placed in any number of locations in the mouth to pull teeth back (correct overbite) and pull teeth up to fix alignment issues, with minimal disturbance to the surrounding teeth.

Previously when moving a tooth, dentists were limited to relying on the surrounding teeth to “anchor” the tooth to. This was problematic, because if the roots of the tooth to be shifted were stronger than those of the “support”, you risk moving the support tooth. With advances in medicine and the aid of these implants, the support now comes from the bone, eliminating the possibility of shifting a tooth that doesn’t need to be.

Is the process painful?

TAD insertion is commonly described as a “feeling of pressure”. Bone itself has no feeling, so once the gum and tissue surrounding the area has been sufficiently numbed, it should be relatively painless. There may be slight swelling after the procedure has been completed and general pain relief medications can be taken to ease these sensations.

As the gum, tissue and bone have already been breached, removal is typically a quick and painless process.

TADs Sydney

If TADs sound like they may help improve your smile or bite imperfections, or you have any questions you would like answered, then contact us today to arrange an appointment at either our Toukley or Wahroonga locations where we can discuss if TADs will help you.

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