Surgical Orthodontics in North Sydney and Central Coast

We can help to improve the appearance and health of your teeth through surgical and laser treatments.

Depending on the patient, these treatments can offer a long-lasting and effective result for your orthodontic needs. We can effectively treat the appearance of gummy smiles with laser treatment, as well as exposing impacted teeth through laser therapy. We can also create a more precise outcome for orthodontic treatment through the use of Temporary Anchorage Devices. Our team of highly trained professionals can determine which treatment will be best for you and the look and feel of your smile, and perform the treatment safely and successfully.

Treating excess gingiva (gums) with laser therapy

Gone are the days when a gummy smile had to be treated with invasive surgery, which required stitches and up to eight weeks of recovery. Thanks to technological developments in the dental world, we can now treat excessive gingival margins with laser therapy. This treatment, which is usually performed under a local anaesthetic, involves the removal of excess gum tissue with a fine tipped laser to enhance the shape of teeth and reduce the amount of gum shown when smiling. The patient will see immediate postoperative results, and healing time is often less than two weeks and rarely requires strong pain medication.

Benefits of laser gum reshaping

  • Immediate results
  • Shorter healing time
  • No surgery or stitches required
  • Less pain associated with the procedure
  • Requires very few visits to the dentist

Laser exposure of impacted teeth

An impacted tooth simply refers to a tooth that is stuck and has not properly erupted from the gum yet. This common orthodontic problem can be easily fixed through the use of laser treatment to gently remove the thin layer of gum tissue that sits over the tooth. This treatment is usually combined with orthodontic treatment, such as braces, in order to bring the tooth down and into line with the surrounding teeth. This can help speed up the orthodontic process greatly and post-treatment healing time is extremely quick.

Surgical Orthodontics Sydney

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