Social 6 treatment

Unlike traditional braces, which can take up to two years to complete, most Social 6 cases are finished in around 3-6 months.

At Coombe Orthodontics, we are proud to offer innovative treatments that provide quick and excellent results for our patients. The Social 6 technique is so efficient because it aims to improve the teeth that affect your smile the most – your six front teeth, also called the social six.

The Social 6 system is only designed to improve the positioning of your front teeth and because of this, there is no need for a very invasive orthodontic treatment, such as traditional metal braces. A Social 6 treatment is ideally suited for adults or teenagers who require only a slight to moderate improvement to their smile.

How does it work?

Using standard orthodontic techniques combined with modern innovation, Social 6 braces quickly shift your teeth with minimal effort. They can be used for aligning teeth in both the upper and lower arch at the same time.

While every patient is different, an average mild case can be straightened with the Social 6 treatment in about 12 weeks and a more complex case in about 6 months. When undergoing treatment, you will need to attend appointments with us every 3-6 weeks to monitor the progress. Once the treatment process has been completed, you are still required to wear a retainer which will maintain your teeth in their new position.

Benefits of Social 6 treatment

While providing fast results is arguably the biggest advantage of the Social 6 technique, there are several other advantages as well:

  • Subtle: Clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires make this an almost invisible option.
  • Gentle: Less invasive than other orthodontic treatments and only minimal force is used.
  • Reasonably priced: The fast treatment time can radically cut the cost of your treatment.

As always with orthodontic treatment, you will experience some discomfort for the first week or so. You may also notice your speech is affected but this too should subside within the first couple of weeks.

Straighten your teeth quickly and efficiently

Social 6 braces are the quick alternative to traditional metal braces. They provide the ideal solution for patients who don’t want to wear braces or other orthodontic aligners for up to two years – instead, they provide results in around 3-6 months.

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