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We treat each of our patients with the highest standards of care and we work to achieve the best results possible. Below you can view some of our patients before and after treatment. You can click on the thumbnails for a more in-depth view.

Severe crowding:

Gaps and deep overbite:


Anterior openbites:
With Braces

Or Invisalign

Buccal or Lateral openbites:

Repositioning sticking out canines:

With Braces

Or Invisalign

Deep overbite correction:

With braces

Or Invisalign

Crooked teeth:

With braces

or Invisalign (10 month treatment)

Large overjet:

Missing lateral incisors:

Single missing lateral incisor. The spaces have been closed, the canine has been substituted in the lateral incisor position and reshaped to resemble a lateral incisor.

Two missing lateral incisors. The spaces have been closed and the canines placed in the lateral incisor position. The pointy tips have been removed from the canines.

Multiple missing teeth:

This is an example of what can be achieved with one TAD (Temporary Anchorage Device) or Miniscrew. The upper canines and all second premolars (6 permanent teeth) were missing. Full upper and lower fixed braces and one TAD were utilised to close all spaces except for the upper premolars. An upper appliance is currently being worn until the mid 20’s at which time implants can be placed.

Non-surgical correction of Class III bites:

Class III and severe anterior openbite corrected with full braces treatment and miniscrews (TAD’s).

Class III treated with full braces and a miniscrew (TAD).

Multiple missing teeth:

Auto-transplant of a tooth:

Two permanent teeth (a canine and second premolar) were missing in the upper right side, and one tooth was missing in both the upper left and lower left. Some deciduous (baby) teeth were still present. A lower right premolar was transplanted to the upper right and all spaces were closed. The transplanted tooth is indicated by the arrow. Transplanting the tooth eliminated the need for an implant, bridge or removable denture in this case.

Smile Gallery

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