Insignia Customised Braces in North Sydney and Central Coast


Your smile customised for you.

  • Your smile and your teeth are unique, there are no two identical.
  • Insignia Braces are the most up-to-date braces technique currently available. Insignia’s revolutionary custom approach allows complete customisation and precision in the design of your smile.
  • Insignia is the only braces system that delivers a completely customised solution in the correction of your smile, with individualised brackets, precision (computer-assisted) bracket placement and custom wires to make your treatment more comfortable and efficient.

Reduced treatment time and fewer appointments:

  • Time spent in braces is reduced by 25-35%.
  • Insignia software allows Dr Coombe to incorporate your treatment plan into a virtual 3D model of your occlusion. Insignia’s virtual 3D digital treatment technology allows Dr Coombe to create treatment steps to specifically address the individual needs of each patient. The ability to work on virtual teeth many times larger than they are in the mouth allows her to optimise both dental health and cosmetic outcomes as well as provide the shortest possible treatment time.
  • Each aspect of tooth movement is precisely calculated to affect tooth movement in the most optimal way with impressive precision.
  • Orthodontic treatment relies on the manual placement of standard braces manufactured for a wide range of patients. This means that a significant part of treatment time may be spent adjusting and changing the braces and wires to get the best result- this process is eliminated with Insignia as the outcome is already precisely defined from the beginning.


Customised brackets and archwires ensure the most efficient tooth movement:

  • Insignia’s sophisticated imaging software creates a 3D representation of your bite and from this your brackets and archwires are custom-fabricated with your exact prescription. The brackets are custom-milled to deliver the desired alignment as specified in the 3D treatment plan. Custom orthodontic arch wires are created using a milling and shaping process.

Precise bracket placement:

  • Insignia utilises an indirect bonding technique. The customised brackets are delivered in position in pre-prepared jigs. The teeth are prepared as they would normally be for regular braces; however instead of individually positioning the brackets one by one the custom tray is placed over the teeth, attaching 3-4 brackets at once. Once all the brackets are placed and set, the custom arch wire is then inserted.

Certified Specialist:

  • Dr Coombe is a certified Insignia Specialist Orthodontist – Insignia orthodontists are members of a select group who have undergone additional training and certification to provide the best patient care available and the perfect smile for you. Contact us for more information on the most advanced smile technology.

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