Ceramic Braces Treatment in North Sydney and Central Coast

Braces are generally considered to be the fastest and most reliable way of straightening teeth, yet many people don’t like the obvious appearance of traditional metal brackets.

This is why we offer ceramic braces, which gives an aesthetically superior look since they are made of porcelain and match the colour of the tooth. This is often a popular choice for our adult patients who are looking to straighten their smile without garnering attention. We provide ceramic braces at both of our practices, located in Wahroonga and Toukley .

Benefits of ceramic braces

  • The days of the ‘metal mouth’ are gone, ceramic braces offer a far more aesthetically pleasing look and are much less noticeable than traditional braces.
  • The ceramic brackets are very strong and rarely dislodge from the tooth.
  • They are designed to be stain resistant so you won’t suffer the embarrassment of discoloured braces.
  • Because of the material, ceramic braces tend to be less irritating for the gums.
  • One of the major advantages of ceramic braces is that they do not stain the surface of the teeth, leaving you with a beautifully bright smile after the treatment has ended.
  • Our ceramic braces are self-ligating which reduces both the duration of appointments and the amount of appointments needed.

What are self-ligating braces?

Self-ligating brackets offer a range of advantages over the use of traditional elastic o-rings. Self-ligating braces use a specialised clip instead of the small o-rings used with traditional braces, and this helps to gradually move the teeth into place. These specialised clips help to reduce the amount of pressure that is placed on the teeth and can also help to decrease the time you spend in-chair and the amount of adjustments that need to be made since the o-rings don’t need to be replaced. Eliminating the o-rings also helps with maintaining your oral hygiene as the elastic o-rings tend to gather more plaque than self-ligating brackets, as food can get stuck underneath the elastic. Another benefit is that clear o-rings can actually become discoloured when eating and drinking certain foods and the self-ligating clips are designed to be stain resistant, so that you can always retain the clarity of your braces.

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